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  • What are the new survey modules?
    This summer, we'll be rolling out student and employee survey modules to ParentPulse! Now, you can get rolling, automated feedback from your other key stakeholders as well. These modules are optional and can be enabled or disabled independently of the parent survey module.
  • What kind of questions will be available?
    We’re working with our world-class advisory team, our resident data scientist, and a few other specialists to derive our categories and benchmarked questions for the staff and student modules. Rest assured, these questions will be thoughtfully crafted, represent a variety of topics and designed to generate meaningful data. The beautiful part of using multiple ParentPulse modules is that many of our questions will be shared across stakeholder groups – for instance, you can choose a question about school safety and easily measure differences between parents, students and/or employees. Of course, we’ll continue to allow you to add custom questions as well!
  • Will the employee surveys be similar to popular "workplace" surveys?
    Yes! We'll provide standardized questions that will allow you to quickly measure your workplace culture and understand employee engagement and satisfaction. Of course, since we work only with private and independent schools, we also have the opportunity to help our Christian school partners measure the faith component and missional alignment – something that other "workplace" satisfaction surveys don't include.
  • Will all of my results be displayed in the same place?
    Yes! Your results – across all survey types – will be available through a single dashboard and user comments interface. You can view or export the aggregate data, or filter by any of the stakeholder groups.
  • How do we import our contact data for students or employees?
    We’ve revamped our import process to make it easier than ever to upload your data into our system. Now, each spreadsheet has a single row per student (each parent is listed on that row of data) – so a single import can take care of both parents AND students. (Going forward, we will also require student IDs – you can use whatever is generated by your student information system). Employee imports are even easier – just upload a spreadsheet with name, e-mail and cell phone number and you're ready to go!
  • What if my students don’t have e-mail addresses or cell phones?
    At launch, all of our surveys will be delivered in the same fashion as the parent surveys are currently – e-mail and/or text message. This means that, generally speaking, our student survey module is designed primarily for middle school and up. We are actively looking at additional methods to survey younger age groups (or even provide links that students can access in class for surveys), but those functionalities will not be available until a later date.
  • Can I change the frequency of surveys? Or the duration of the sequence?
    Not yet! Over time, we plan on implanting more customization with our survey sequences. But, at launch, all of the survey modules will work the same – the surveys will be dripped out to respondents over the course of 90 days. Keep in mind, however, that the surveys CAN be started or paused independently of one another. You can choose, for instance, to run an employee survey sequence over the summer, but pause the parent sequence.
  • What about one-time surveys?
    Again, that’s on our roadmap! We plan on introducing single-send surveys (think exit surveys, basketball season wrap-up surveys, high school class surveys, etc.) in the next few months. If you have specific ideas or feature requests for this functionality, let us know ASAP!
  • What is the cost?
    Each additional survey module will cost $499 per 12-month cycle. To sign up for one or both modules, click here.
  • Do I need to wait until the start of the school year to get started?
    There's no "bad" time to start. Because our product allows you to collect rolling data year-round (instead of sending surveys just once or twice a year), you can start any time. In fact, some schools find that it's most beneficial to start mid-year so they can establish a baseline measure and determine what areas might need some focus or attention.
  • How often will you survey my parents?
    Most private or independent schools survey their parents once per year. Unfortunately that only provides a snapshot in time. It tends to reflect emotions from a single moment, and doesn't capture year-round sentiment – nor it does allow schools to measure the impact of any changes they make. ParentPulse automatically send shorts surveys to your parents up to 4 times per year, and the surveys are rolling – a small portion of parents is surveyed every week – so you have data coming in year-round. Think of it as a living, breathing survey – you'll always have your finger on the health of your school.
  • I already have a solution for surveying our parents. Why would I switch?
    ParentPulse provides the ONLY comprehensive survey solution built just for private and independent schools. And, our platform allows you to compare your results with other similar schools across the nation so you have immediate context for your strengths and opportunities. Additionally, we provide on-going resources and aids from seasoned education experts with years of experience.
  • How much time does it take to implement?
    Once you securely import your parent database (a process we help with) and set up your initial survey questions, you're done! The data starts flowing in within days, and you'll immediately start experiencing those "aha" moments. We'll help you guard your precious time so it's spent doing what's most important – running your school! Our platform keeps your hands off the work, but your finger on the pulse.
  • What kinds of questions can I ask?
    We break our survey into four sections. First, you select or create demographic filtering questions that allow you to segment your respondents for much deeper context (e.g. "What grade is your child in?"). Second, you choose a handful of recurring questions (asked year-round) from our library of 30 professionally-written questions; this allows you to create a baseline and measure sentiment change over time. Third, you choose some "pulse" questions (we suggest you change these every three months or so) to rapidly measure your parents' feedback on topical items (think COVID-19 response, or racial sensitivity issues, or seasonal re-enrollment questions). Finally, we provide the option for you to create a few custom questions unique to your school.
  • Are the survey results anonymous?
    To provide transparency – and empower you to address individual concerns – our surveys are set up by default to display the respondent's name. This, alone, makes ParentPulse well worth the investment – imagine the power of being alerted to parent concerns before a family suddenly leaves the school! However, we realize some parents would rather remain anonymous, so our platform does provide respondents the option to submit their survey anonymously.
  • How do I make sense of my results?
    Because we work with private and independent schools across the nation, we're able to create "benchmark" scores for our question library. Say, for example, you use this question from our library: "The school campus is a safe place." Your survey results show a percent favorable score of 84. Is that good? With our benchmarks, you'll know immediately where you stand.
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