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Always know how 
parents view your
Christian school

Our software automatically surveys a portion of your parents every week, so you have a web-based dashboard with fresh, actionable data year-round.

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Gain insights
Understand and prioritize
the parent journey
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Increase retention

Discover troubling trends 
before families leave

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Plan confidently

Build strategies and plans based
on up-to-the-minute data

Parents are customers.
Their feedback is vital.

But, standard parent survey 
solutions are broken.

☒ Annual parent surveys only show a single "snapshot" in time

☒ Constructing meaningful, unbiased questions is challenging

☒ Response rates are typically very low

☒ Third-party vendors often charge thousands of dollars for a one-time custom survey

There's a better way to hear your parents

Introducing the PX (Parent Experience) Survey built just for Christian schools

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Launch automated surveys

No more one-time surveys. We survey a portion of your parents every week so you have feedback year-round. And, every parent is surveyed multiple times per year so you can measure attitudinal changes more rapidly.

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Tap into our experts

Chose from our library of 50 questions (covering everything from faith development to student well-being), all written by Christian educators and tuned by a data scientist. 

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Increase your response rates

Our system e-mails and texts your parents to ensure higher response rates. We even send (gentle) reminders if they don't respond.

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Know if you're on target

Since we work exclusively with Christian schools, we benchmark results from thousands of surveys to help you know how your school stacks up.

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Explore your dashboard

See new results daily. Track changes over time. Filter data any way you can imagine. Be armed with insights you've never had before.

Know so you can grow.

Three easy steps to
better know your parents

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1. Import your contacts

Securely import your parent database – we keep your data safe and it will never be used for anything other than your surveys.
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2. Build the recurring survey

Track Net Promoter Score, select from our library of questions (developed by school administrators and tuned by a data scientist) and even add some of your own.
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3. Revel in the “Aha” moments

Our software will automatically survey a portion of your families each week via e-mail AND text. Watch the feedback update in real time on our dashboard and let the insights begin!

$4/student per year

+ $999 annual technology fee

Value-based, simple pricing

Every school gets every feature

 Make sense of your data – see benchmarks for other Christian schools

 Build your custom survey from an extensive question library developed by school administrators and tuned by a data scientist 

 Measure Net Promoter Score

Survey invitations sent automatically every week – by e-mail AND text

 Word Cloud integration to better contextualize your respondents' comments

 Access to individual surveys – see how any parent responded

 Intuitive dashboard, with filters to drill down on your data

 White glove support by phone or e-mail

Just a few ParentPulse partner schools...


Guided by experts

Meet our advisory team


Ryan Bredow,

Assistant Vice President,

K12 Educational Development
Grand Canyon University

linkedin copy.png

Jack Preus,

National Director of
People Development

Open Sky Education

linkedin copy.png

Brad Ermeling,

Author, Researcher &
International Consultant

Teaching Better Institute

linkedin copy.png

Daniel Egeler,

Assistant Vice President,

Grand Canyon University
& Former President, 
ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International)

linkedin copy.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 10.07_edited.j

Tom Carpenter,

Principal Data Analyst

linkedin copy.png

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

-Peter Drucker

Making strategic decisions without feedback and insights from your parents is kind of like playing darts with a blindfold on. You’re never truly sure where the target is.

We help you rip off the blindfold. Our automated, recurring survey process empowers you to measure your overall experience, better understand what your parents think and feel, and spot troubling trends before families leave.

Download our free guide!

Five out-of-the-box ways to capture parent feedback

Are you still relying on annual surveys or parking lot gossip to learn what your parents are thinking? Draw new insights with these creative feedback tools!

Thanks for submitting! Check your e-mail for a link to download the free guide!

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